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Five Nights At Freddys Help Wanted-PLAZA renbel




44, Michael .44, Chucky .44, Jigsaw .44, Sweet .44, Maniac .44, Leatherface .44, Mother .44, Tarantula .44, "Beware of Dog" Four Eyed Monster This version of Freddy is the "Four Eyed Monster" which is a recreation of Freddy's Eyes, that are locked in place with the pupil/iris in the center of the eye. Rabid Freddy A version of Freddy with a graphic design similar to the original, but with a large mouth and fangs and with the skin being "mauled" by his teeth. It was meant to be an alternate version of Freddy, but only made it into the movie. Keychain Freddy This Freddy's eyes are separated into four individual pieces, each piece acting as a keychain when unlocked. The red piece is the key to the left of Freddy's face. The green piece is the key to the right of Freddy's face. The blue piece is the key to the top of Freddy's head. The yellow piece is the key to the bottom of Freddy's head. The eye pieces work by having each piece of the keychain attached to a swing arm and being moved back and forth in and out of the eye's pupil. The buttons (stored in the center of Freddy's face) are moved by the springs. When Freddy first comes out of the box, the red piece is on the left of Freddy's face, the green piece is in the middle of his face, the blue piece is on the top of his head, and the yellow piece is on the bottom of his head. To unlock the pieces, the springs must be pulled and moved back and forth, causing the buttons to press and the levers to move into the eye. Dark Freddy This version of Freddy is a supernatural Freddy with black eyes and black clothes. This Freddy is the default Freddy in most of the games based on the movie series. The Dark Freddy's actual design is based on the original comic book art for the character. Frozen Freddy This Freddy's eyes are frozen solid to his face, and has a blank expression and white teeth. Demi-Freddy This version of Freddy has demonic features similar to Billy and Chucky. He has a horn in his head, and red glowing eyes. He has more hair than Freddy, and his clothing is different. Sick Freddy




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Five Nights At Freddys Help Wanted-PLAZA renbel

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